Express your story by customizing your apparel

We are living in a society with a growing interest for unique and personal products as well as authentic experiences. With Abstract_ we want to give the customers a new connection to the garments they buy. 

Customers are involved in the design process by generating patterns from their own personal stories and face expressions. Our web tool analyzes what the customer writes and how it is written and translates this data into a unique pattern. The webcam will analyze the facial expression and let this data influence the color of the pattern. Abstract_ will transform the customers personal pattern into a textile and a unique piece of garment.

With Abstract_ we wanted to make a concept that took the level of what the consumer can have influence on even further than we already have seen. What we are wearing is a powerful way to express our personality and style. For us were individuality and uniqueness the starting point. With Abstract_ all garments are based on involving the customer and letting them express their personal stories and face expressions. The coustomers personal text can be anything from a favourite recipe, a song, a letter or a good memory.

On a higher level there might be something to gain for the world in making more personal products. If we buy products we have a stronger emotional connection to, we might care more for the products and keep them for a longer time. Customized products are also made with product on demand. All this can lead to a more sustainable and conscious way of using materials and producing garments. 

Collaboration with: 
Bjørn Karmann
Kristine Boesen




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