Civil Armour

Autum / Winter collection

The Civil Armour collection is inspired by gab between human fragility and military power. The starting point for the inspiration is taken in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The collection has therefore military references and the styles should be seen on top of each other, layer  by layer, like an armour. 

Collaboration with:
Kristine Sehested-Blad
Marie Sloth Rousing

Shape experiments 

Choosen details 

Collage for shape development

Trimmings and details 

Collection overview

The Civil Armour collection should be seen as three stages: 

First stage is 'Second Skin'. Here the fragile human is the main inspiration. The 'Second Skin' is the stage closest to the naked body. It is the basic styles with simple colors and materials. 

Second stage is 'The Core'. Is the daily and necessary layer. Here we use more details from our military references and the styles are more fashionable and  commercial. 

The last stage is 'Warrior'. The focus here is on decoration and the super artistic styles. The purpose behind the styles in this stage is to give the wearer strength and power to withstand the challenges of the everyday life. This is shown with large volume in the silhouettes. 


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