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Who are you?

We communicate to others through what we wear, what we post on social media and what we choose to hide.  Online, we keep certain pictures and accounts private so that not everyone can see every facet of our lives with just a scroll or a click. We curate ourselves to present different versions. One for work, one for friends, one for family and, maybe, one for who we dream to be.

Our physical lives and digital lives feel separate. This garment merges the physical personality with digital personalities to create a more complete representation of the wearer.  Bringing together all our different identities on the body to reveal a more real truth of the person.

Our camera phone is the key to creating these online personalities. We take pictures of everyone, everything and every version of ourselves. The garment utilizes the camera phone as the way to unlock the different personalities of the wearer of the garment. The woven QR codes can be scanned and they link to the person’s social media accounts and other online identities. As the wearer moves, the garment unfolds, revealing new QR codes and allowing different information to be accessed and a more complex identity of the the wearer to appear.

The inside of the garment is a mix of private and public pictures that are interwoven to create a more abstract picture of the interwoven personalities typical of the 21st century.